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Final sonar movie

Monday, December 14th, 2009

I started this project by deciding to apply the darkroom processes to type: expose, wash, fix etc. However with the 20 sec limit – I realised this could be quite tricky. So took one element: light. I experimented using adobe aftereffects to create some movies. I eventually decided to have my type move to waves. This led to incorporating sound. This took a lot os developing and research – but am happy with my end result, as the types outlines are soundwaves which change depending on the wavelength.


Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Font made from sound waves. font dances to sound

The letter L dances to sound – test

Experiment with repeating sound waves – 3D

Experiment with repeating sound waves – 2D

Experiment with single sound wave

Applying wave to font test

Light Movie

Box moves to sound – test

photogram bottle spin 1

photogram bottle spin 2

Light test


Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Initial clips – flash/reflective fabric

I started by looking into the darkroom process of light/exposure. I hired a big flash gun, stobe lighting and a red gel and started experimenting.

This clip shows the effect of a flash gun on film capturing.The effect is white strikes across the screen.

I wanted to see the effect of a flash gun on reflective fabric, but the results didn’t really work how I expected. However I did achieve a nice effect with transition of lighting/gels . See the 2 clips below:

I really like the red to white transition from this clip

My inital idea was show the process of the darkroom, apply this to a font without using a darkroom.
The satges are

expose – light
develop – chemical
stop – chemical
fix – chemical
wash – water

Therefore my font would change in response to these stages.





I went to an talk by Why Not Assiotiates to give me some inspiration.


I especially liked this.




Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Develop a prototype/demo for a typeface that transforms over time, (Examples: an emailfont that deteriorates as incoming messages expire; a font made from clear gel and mold that ‘grows’ into a time-sensitive message). Any means conceivable can be used to create the typeface (animation, photography, programming, sculpture, video, etc.) as long as the letterforms transform over time and the final output is projected or presented on-screen.


  1. Represent a minimum of 5 letters/characters or more (not the Entire typeface)
  2. 15-20 seconds (Flash) Process
  3. For the concept negotiations, be prepared to explain and discuss the aim and function of your typeface, its transitions, and possible screen contexts (installations, interstitials, interfaces, motion titles, environmental signage, guerilla messaging, software, etc.)
  4. For interim crit A, bring an in-progress storyboard of typeface transitions. The quality doesn’t need to be slick, but must show substantial work. No storyboard, no crit.
  5. For interim crit B, bring a working version of your demo that df.:·oonstrates consideration of feedback from interim crit A. No demo, no crit
  6. For the final crit, demos must be Flash and projected/presented on-screen, no exceptions.