Develop a prototype/demo for a typeface that transforms over time, (Examples: an emailfont that deteriorates as incoming messages expire; a font made from clear gel and mold that ‘grows’ into a time-sensitive message). Any means conceivable can be used to create the typeface (animation, photography, programming, sculpture, video, etc.) as long as the letterforms transform over time and the final output is projected or presented on-screen.


  1. Represent a minimum of 5 letters/characters or more (not the Entire typeface)
  2. 15-20 seconds (Flash) Process
  3. For the concept negotiations, be prepared to explain and discuss the aim and function of your typeface, its transitions, and possible screen contexts (installations, interstitials, interfaces, motion titles, environmental signage, guerilla messaging, software, etc.)
  4. For interim crit A, bring an in-progress storyboard of typeface transitions. The quality doesn’t need to be slick, but must show substantial work. No storyboard, no crit.
  5. For interim crit B, bring a working version of your demo that df.:·oonstrates consideration of feedback from interim crit A. No demo, no crit
  6. For the final crit, demos must be Flash and projected/presented on-screen, no exceptions.

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