Information about a buildings and properties that are unseen and taken for granted.

Hidden information:

  • building plans
  • electrical wiring
  • heating plans
  • gas pipes
  • building levels
  • foundations
  • structures – steel framing
  • water – water towers

Stranger than Fiction Intro sequnce: In this video the audience is given information about the inner workings of hidden building structures, mechanisms, routines, inner thoughts and ideas of the mind, aswell as information about mundane things like number of steps to cross the road, or brush strokes. These pieces of information are usually hidden from the audence – but in these titles they are shown for storyline effect.

Hidden Mechanisms:

  • The Body
  • what happens to your body when you go running?
  • How your body responds internally?
  • information that is hidden inside our heads
  • Gasometers
  • how things work
  • buildings

Hidden buildings/places:

  • goverment buildings
  • run-down buildings – security
  • derelict buildings – no longer required
  • alleyways, pathways
  • The secret garden

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