The Aboriginal Flag


The basis of my presentation will begin with the aboriginal flag which was designed by Harold Thomas

Things to research/present

    Give brief context of Australian around 40s-90s (show Australian flag?)

  1. aboriginal life
  2. migrations/immigration
    A brief background into the Aborignal flag

  1. colours
  2. shapes
  3. why it was created?
  4. what it’s use is/ was
  5. explain how most flags start life
    About Harold Thomas

  1. context for producing the flag – protest
  2. where he grew up
  3. how he lived his life?
    Image ideas

  1. Australian flag
  2. aboriginal flag
  3. aboriginal /Australian flag
  4. immigration posters
  5. photos of an aborginal / aborginal art
  6. Harold Thomas
  7. Photos of people immigrating to austraila by boat etc
  8. map showing immigration to Australian by country (find or design)
  9. photos of life as aborignal/ austrailian desert/land/sund
  10. Australian politics/politicians
  11. newspaper reports/stories
  12. photo of christian missionaries – white and black
  13. aborginal life
  14. children being torn away from their homes/families
  15. there new communities (homes built for aborignals)
  16. aboriginal protests
  17. cathy freeman winning a race and lifitng the aboriginal flag

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