1. Every student will have their individual barcode that is based on information about the person. I am in the process of generating a system, where the user will answer questions and based on the answers can fill out a grid sheet. Each person would create their own code based on decisions and answers, they would then colour out the grid squares which corresponds to the answer. The grid is 20 x 20 = 400 squares

code fill in sheets

The filled in code, could look something like this.


Then I would create a computer image of the code

Picture 1

2. I will then convert this to sound, either by deconstructing a single sound or by turning the code into a musical score. so each person as an individual sound/image that represents them = a signature. The signature will contain brief information about a person which is revelaed from the decision process.

3. I will then create a demo – a short film. Print the created codes on to t-shirts, set up scanners/readers that can read the codes as the person enters the room a repeated single sound/ melody will play. With lots of people in the room this will create an interesting sound. It could sound something like this. test

4. The code could then be placed next to the work at the degree show. Each student will have an assigned signature code which when scanned in by a viewer with a iphone device/androaid will direct them to their own website and or their details/information.

Potentially the codes could combine to create a year 3 code – which could link to a year site that combines all sites of all the students (this is currently being developed)

Picture 5

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