Initial ideas

I decided to look into generating a piece of work were the aesthetic outcome is dependent on social interaction/participation.

I have been looking into codes and how the user could create a line of code that collaborated together could create an outcome generated by lots of people.

The ideas below would ask each participant to design there own line of code/ design own pattern which would then have a visual and sound outcome. For example the barcode pattern blocs, each person would design there own. Then dependent on the black usage or location variation this would create a different sound outcome. e.g more black square coverage = higher pitch.


I looked at coded patterns in a basic but often hidden form


Colour could be a variable, where the location (IP) could determine the colour and the user chooses the grid reference, or the user could create their own pattern 1 line across?
Finally I looked at the Internets role, and how it has influenced participatory/relational designs.


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