microphone sounds idea

I was interested in the text exerts below. Firstly in Participation a book by Claire bishop she explains how street sounds such as horns and engines were organised together and used used as an art form. I also read in the Limited Language article, how “memory Wall” an installation would pick up colours form peoples clothing leaving a “colour silhouette” leaving a trace of lots of colours as people walked by.

I wondered how I could visualize sounds produced by street/spontaneous sound. An idea was to set a microphone which would pick up the surrounding sounds an have a visual outcome such as a pattern. This pattern would change depending on the sound produced.


“Memory Wall, a recent project for the Puerta America Hotel in Madrid, Spain, is an installation which goes some way to turning this relationship around. According to Bruges, it works like electronic blotting paper and soaks up the colours people are wearing leaving real-time colour silhouette traces on the wall as you pass. If you sit and read a while, your image burns in and leaves a trace for up to an hour. The wall provides an open-ended series of memories of different people – their actions and, perhaps, their narratives – in relation to a particular space and time. For instance, Bruges has observed that the wall can reflect changes in fashion. On a personal level, he adds that as you enter the lobby again and again, in contrast to that of the usual bland international hotel, your experience of the space will change.”
Article found here: http://www.limitedlanguage.org/articles/relational.php

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