letterpress on a giant scale


I wanted to demonstrate the variety of wooden letterpress type at bath spa uni. There are 67 fonts and nearly 4,000 forms. So with help from fellow students we printed 3 letter words per font and printed a giant banner. The words chosen were randomly generated from 400, 3 letter words. I then numbered each word and used a number generator to select each word to form a 67 line poem. hopefully this reflected the often unpredictable nature of letterpress.

come see it at bath spa graphic communication uni show for the final unveiling. June 10 – 14th 2011.


To print the 6m banner a special wooden chase was made that connected together from 3 parts. this was clamped to 3 tables. A spool with a roll of paper was rolled on top of the chase. The banner was then hand printed using a barren. Click on the images to view the process

6.5 metre banner photos




A special thanks to Flore Diamant, Jordan wright and Lavinia Tyler who helped to print the banner.
you can view this on the creative review feed. http://www.creativereview.co.uk/feed/may-2011/21/letterpress-on-a-giant-scale

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