Kraftwerk mapping sequences

The idea came from analogue distorted patterns. Trying to reflect electronic/anlogue/data/computers etc.


Film sequences created by playing tracks to flash program. The flash program responds to a microphone input. Blocks flash black/white flash on/off according to amplitude/microphone detection. Sequence and timing is determined by microphone.

Click on image to view Kraftwerk “intermission” movie

Click on image to view Kraftwerk “pocket-calculator” movie

I then drew out each frame from the recording and created a mapping sequence.



Intermission mapping sequence


As part of the brief was to incorporate fan interaction. I asked fans of kraftwerk to listen to tracks and recorded their interaction with the microphne whilst listening to the kraftwerk tracks, I then mapped the frames and placed the mapped pattern onto ties, mugs, and items that could be used for promotion.


To illustrate the pocket calculator track, I printed each frame, trying to match pattern frequencies.


Calculating the frequency of frames

Picture 9

I then matched the frequency of the frames to the size, thus the higher number of frame repeats the bigger the frame.


this got a big complicated at times – my desk


I then experimented with composition, using a photocopier to play, distort scale, invert and cut and paste.



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