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Creative Review profile

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Creative Review featured me in their graduate issue, sept 2011.
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“Equally at home with paper and ink as she is working on screen, Fleur Isbell’s design approach often combines the two within a single project. Rather than seeing analogue and digital as separate disciplines, both media are, for her, simply platforms from which to explore and play…”


Pentagram Competetion

Friday, September 30th, 2011

As part of the emerge exhibtion which will run during design week, I was asked to enter a brief set by pentagram.

The brief asked to choose a piece of typography that came from London and express it on a landmark.
This was my response.


Forty years ago the Beatles crossed Abbey Road and the photo taken was used for their final recorded album. Since then Abbey Road has become synonymous with the Beatles and London in the swinging 60s. It has become an iconic landmark; a shrine for thousands of fans who visit Abbey Road every year trying to replicate the famous zebra crossing pose. Analyzing a web cam located above the crossing, the poster is a representation of fans crossing on John Lennon Day 2010. Using this information, I applied it to the album lyrics of “Come Together” with the idea that fans become participants in the design creation. Every letter or character of the song equals a second represented by a bar as people step onto the crossing. These representations are black when they cross left to right and red when they cross right to left. It was interesting to note that the end result resembled a sound desk, a piece of music or a keyboard – and a zebra crossing! Other interactions are recorded on the poster key. When fans step onto the crossing they interact with the design and the lyrics. For example in the final line,’Come together’ where there are four letters, four people crossed at the same time. A further outcome would be to project the design onto Abbey Road studio; a speaker would play sound-bites from the album corresponding with the fans’ movements on the crossing creating a ‘fan-made musical score’. For instance if 3 people walk on the crossing at the same time then 3 sound-bites will play; when they pause, the sound will stop.

Creative Review illustrations

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Creative Review Magazine, asked me to illustrate their back cover as part of their Graduate special issue, Sept 2011.

This is the illustration they chose, which you can see on the back cover of the sept issue of CR


Picture 2

Experimenting with shapes, textures and colour.



Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Adjusting and experimenting the pixel dimensions I created the below image:


I then played with shape and scale


When I was at the Emerge exhibtion I came across work by Jamie Reid, who created “mashed-up” data file images. Taking this as inspiration, I took a Jpeg of one of my letterpress scans and open it in a text editer I then replaced the õ to a letter F, using the cmd F function.

This was the result


Emerge Exhibition

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

This week I have been involved in setting up for the emerge exhibition, where I will exhibit my user generated sound installation. Emerge are a group of designers chosen by companies in industry to exhibit their work. My work was recommended by Jim Northover of Llyod Northover, so a big thank you!

this is emerge profile
about emerge



Video of me talking at the emerge event, explaining my designs:

Capture 3