Fleur Isbell

Project 01
Client // D&AD
D&AD Annual 2013 – Global horizons



D&AD Annual 2013 //
Cover design displaying 196 code generated illustrations generated from meta and location data for each country in the world. With 43 countries represented in the winning work these coutries where spot vanished on the cover Reflecting the global diversity and shift for D&AD

Intro section //
Opening section of the annual contains a series of articles in which the global illustrations of the 43 countries represented in the awards are represented

Intro section //
Single spread

196 country illustrations //
Patterns are based on location data: horizon lines are determined by latitude; colours by time and meteorological data – hover over to play or click to unmute

196 country code
generated illustrated //
To continue the story, user could create their own and share them. Try it here

Country illustrations //
Tanzania location to the south of Spain has a lower horizon line.

Code beginnings //
Code is based on matching data to 12 colour channel variables, for example temperature affects ‘red-green’ channel

Printing press //
Click to watch movie of book being printed in Trento, Italy

Country illustrations //
Tanzania location to the south of Spain has a lower horizon line

First inside page //
Cover opens up to reveal a key of the 196 UN countries written initial form. With the countries written in full on the left, bolden to indicate countries represented in the Annual

Section dividers //
For each section divider the country initials would disappear to reveal the countries represented in that particular section

Spread //
The country’s location data printed on each award entry